Linda helped me... when my mom passed away, then my aunt, then my father. Each time I inherited SO MUCH STUFF! And each time she came and helped me sort through it and restore my home, and my life, back to sanity. THANK YOU LINDA!

-Karin Kratina, PhD, RD, LD/N

I am elated!! As a quintessential Pack Rat I could hardly walk into my office before Linda "The Organizer" arrived... [Now] I am a NEW person: NEAT, EFFICIENT, RELAXED, PURGED and RENEWED!

-Jay Cooper, President Cooper Equipment Inc.

Linda Richards is like an organizing co-pilot who put me in the captain’s chair for making all final decisions about my house. Linda is a wonderful and patient teacher who makes organizing an empowering process for those who feel they have lost control.

-Melinda Donahey

It was really fun having you come over and help me focus for 3 hours. I loved that! I found I had a lot of energy and I was ready and willing to jump in and work, with you there. I definitely want to work more with you.


Thanks so much for sending this info to me. I really appreciate it! Your assistance and suggestions were very helpful to me! I will likely be calling you again in the near future to help me tackle a new project.


On behalf of myself, the Education and Training Committee and the Junior League, thank you so much for your informative presentation to our members.

-Brittany H. Lee Education and Training Chair

I really appreciated the help and support you gave me while I was going through a difficult divorce.

-Name Witheld

Linda gave us our Castle back!! After being sick for a year and working 50 hour weeks, our castle became our prison. Now we can vacation at our own home. Many thanks from the King & Queen of this Castle.

-Name Witheld

For Your Home

  • Ever think “I wish my house would just burn down!
  • Tired of being a Pack Rat?
  • Suffering from CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome)?

For Your Office

  • Overwhelmed with paper piles?
  • Sick of wasting time looking for lost bills?
  • Do co-workers joke about your cluttered desk?

For Your Life

  • Feel busy 24/7 but never get anything done?
  • Always late or missing appointments?
  • AD/HD or hoarding overwhelming you?
Relax! Linda, the first CPO-CD© credentialed professional organizer in Utah and the only one in the
Salt Lake Valley, has helped people tame paper piles, conquer clutter and calm their calendars since 2001.